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Jason Schultz-Owner & Guide


Known as a Hells Canyon specialist, Jason Schultz has been a full time fishing guide in Idaho, Washington and Oregon for 20 years. He possesses Idaho outfitter permits for the Snake River in Hells Canyon and Clearwater River and holds a special use permit for the nationally famous Snake River in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. As a full time fishing guide Schultz spends most of his time on the water targeting salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, smallmouth bass and trout in Hells Canyon on the Snake River and on the Clearwater River and Columbia River. Owner of Hells Canyon Sport Fishing, Schultz's operation consists of five full time guides with more than 65 years combined guiding experience.

Schultz spends his spring guiding spring Chinook trips on the Snake River and Clearwater Rivers in April, May and June, prior to switching to fall Chinook and Coho on the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon, between August and September 15. From then through March 15 he sticks close to home and focuses on steelhead on the Snake and Clearwater River. In between, he'll seek out sturgeon on the Snake River in Hells Canyon, walleye on the Columbia River in Umatilla, Oregon and smallmouth and trout fishing in Hells Canyon. Speaking of Hells Canyon, Schultz has spent more than 2,000 days guiding steelhead anglers alone here and endured half of his life developing personal guide strategies to always continue to become a better angler and apply new techniques. Each season Jason Schultz guides clients in his twin engine Hells Canyon Marine jet boat to catch between 2,000 - 3,000 steelhead. A guided steelhead fishing trip with Schultz or one of his professional steelhead guides can be very productive!

In addition to being a world class angler and top-notch fishing guide Jason Schultz shares his secrets at seminars in Camp, Cabin & Home and Cabela’s Post Falls & Boise Idaho stores. His credibility and professionalism has earned him allocates in In-Fishermen, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Salmon & Steelhead Journal and Northwest Sportsman in addition to being featured in the book "Great Places in Washington" by John Kruse. You can also see Jason Schultz & Hells Canyon Sport Fishing on television frequently. Multiple T.V. shows have been filmed with In-Fishermen, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, and coming soon….The Next Bite!

Jim McCarthy-Guide


Guiding fishermen on the Snake R., Columbia R. and Clearwater Rivers comes naturally to Jim. Jim McCarthy is a top notch professional fishing guide and is our Clearwater River specialist. When it comes to guiding Salmon & Steelhead trips on the Clearwater River nobody spends more time on Clearwater R. than Jim. He has been fishing the Clearwater River for over 25 years and has 20 years guiding experience. Jim McCarthy joined the Hells Canyon Sport Fishing team in 2003. He lives overlooking the Clearwater River right in Orofino, Idaho with his wife Nikki, son J.D. and daughter Kristen.

Jim spends most of his time guiding Salmon and Steelhead fishermen on the Clearwater River, but Jim has been known to frequent the Snake River and Columbia River as well. McCarthy guides Walleye fishermen on the Mid-Columbia River in the spring before guiding Spring Chinook Salmon on the Columbia, Snake and Clearwater Rivers in April, May & June. McCarthy also guides Fall Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon and in the Snake River near Lewiston, Idaho. Jim McCarthy guides fall Chinook fishermen in the months of August, September & October. After guiding fall Chinook McCarthy switches to guiding Steelhead trips on the Snake River and Clearwater River. September and early October offer great catch and release steelhead fishing opportunities on McCarthy’s boat in the Clearwater River. Catch and keep Steelhead fishing in the Clearwater River starts October 15th. Heller Bar is one of Jim’s favorite Steelhead fishing spots on the Snake River to guide Steelhead fishermen. Known to many as one of the most productive steelhead fisheries, Heller Bar produces limits of Steelhead most every day for Jim’s clients. Jim continues guiding steelhead fishermen on the Clearwater River all winter and into early spring. With this much time on the river no one knows the Clearwater better than Jim.

When Jim is not guiding Salmon or Steelhead fishermen you can usually find him hunting or fishing with his friends & family somewhere near the Orofino area. Jim is a true lover of the outdoors and one of the best big game and waterfowl hunters we know. McCarthy is a wealth of knowledge and fishing experience from his years of guiding fishermen. Outdoor radio hosts often rely on Jim for current reports & Jim has spent time presenting seminars at Sportsman’s Warehouse & Cabela’s and has been featured on outdoor TV as well.

Doug Richert-Guide


Chasing fish is a passion for this guide; Doug is a licensed guide in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon as well as some time spent guiding in Alaska. Doug spends his time guiding for salmon, steelhead, smallmouth bass, trout, walleye, and sturgeon on the Columbia River, Snake River in Hells Canyon, Clearwater River and Grand Ronde River. Doug operates a custom built 26ft Bloodsworth Sled specially designed to tackle the large white water of the Snake River in Hells Canyon and the small riffles of the Clearwater River! He also operates a custom built 16ft Bloodsworth Drift Boat on the Grand Ronde River.

Doug spends his summers on the Snake River in beautiful Hells Canyon chasing oversize sturgeon and Smallmouth bass. In mid-August he moves down to Astoria, Oregon to fish the Columbia River for ocean fresh Fall Chinook and Coho salmon. The first of September he moves up the Columbia River to Longview Washington to target the migrating Fall Chinook. Mid-September brings him back home to the Lewis and Clark valley to chase Steelhead and Salmon on the Snake River and Steelhead on the Clearwater and Grand Ronde Rivers. The early part of Steelhead season he spends his time on the Snake River up in Hells Canyon chasing Steelhead near the mouth of the Salmon River and Fall Chinook on the lower parts of the Snake River near where the Grand Ronde joins with the Snake River. October 15 marks the opening of the Catch and Keep Steelhead season on the Clearwater River and the World Famous Clearwater B-Run Steelhead! After the opener Doug splits time between the Clearwater River and the Wild and Scenic Snake River in Hells Canyon giving his anglers a choice between the beauty of Hells Canyon or the chance at tangling with a 20 pound Steelhead on the Clearwater River. Not to be left out is the Grand Ronde River which is a tributary of the Snake River, Doug guides out of a 16ft drift boat for Steelhead on the Grand Ronde River from September to April. The Grand Ronde River receives an exception run of Steelhead and is one of the top river destinations for fly fishing enthusiasts everywhere!

Spring time is for trophy Walleye on the mid-Columbia near Umatilla, Oregon and Spring Chinook on Clearwater River! The end of March and the first part of April you will find Doug on the Columbia river chasing truly Trophy Walleye out of his sled. Once done in Umatilla, Oregon Doug returns home to focus on the Clearwater River and Spring Chinook. The Clearwater River in Idaho is one of the best places to catch these prize fish with good numbers of Spring Chinook returning every year!

Ryan Rosenbaum-Guide

Holding a Master's OUPV Coast Guard Captain, Ryan Rosenbaum has over 10 years guiding experience in Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming and Oregon. Fishing and hunting are his utmost passion. While he enjoyed fishing in AK during the summers between his years of college, he started his other full time position with Hells Canyon Sport Fishing in 2005. Ryan’s “home” rivers are the Snake River of Hells Canyon and the Clearwater River out of Lewiston, ID. As a year around fishing guide, Rosenbaum spends most of his time on the water targeting salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, smallmouth bass and trout in Hells Canyon on the Snake River, Clearwater River and Columbia Rivers. Ryan shares his jet boating adventures with his wife LaChelle and two daughters Kaylee and Katelyn.

Most days from September to March, Ryan is running his 25ft. Alumaweld jet boat up the steepest gorge on the Snake River or along the pristine Clearwater River. Fall and winter steelhead are the main target during these 7 months of fishing. Late April to July is a time of fun in the sun whether it be walleye fishing on the main Columbia river, getting pulled around by great white sturgeon on the Snake River, or spring chinook on the Clearwater. In August Ryan heads to Astoria Oregon in search of chrome bright king and silver salmon. The big fall chinook is enough to get anyone’s heart pumping!

Ryan’s love of fishing is equally balanced with his hunting addiction, whether it’s whitetail, chukar or water fowl hunting. In earlier years as a professional guide in the state of Wyoming for elk and deer, Ryan has always had a “lucky” sense of where to get that trophy buck or bull. Some of his fondest memories have been with his crew of Hells Canyon Sport Fishing, enjoying the outdoors.

Ryan is an extremely dedicated guide and his results in fish at the end of the day show it. Over the years Ryan has been privileged to fish with many recognized companies, television hosts, and “celebrities” in the outdoor world. Teaching clients, especially kids to fish for the famous B-run Steelhead, spring chinook, or fall Chinook is what brings a smile to Ryan’s face. Ryan delivers a quality trip every time and wants everyone to enjoy fishing as much as he does!

James Hollingshead-Guide

Growing up in the Lewis-Clark Valley, James has spent countless days chasing steelhead on the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. Joining the Hells Canyon Sport Fishing team in 2006 James is a licensed guide in Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. James guides fisherman out of a 21 foot custom built Bloodsworth sled, which is perfect for the smaller groups(2-4) that are looking to fish Hellar Bar on the Snake or the Clearwater River.

James begins the first of the year on the Clearwater River catching giant B-run steelhead untill mid-March. From here he transitions to sturgeon and spring slab smallmouth fishing. As long as the river stays in shape James' will chase sturgeon and bass untill May when he takes off to Alaska for the summer. James arrives back in the lower 48 in September and jumps right into fall chinook and steelhead fishing on the Snake River. Once mid-October arrives he will begin to split time between the Snake and Clearwater Rivers depending on which one is producing best.

When James isn't busy guiding you can normally find him chasing bass in some of the NW's premiere tournament circuits.

If on the rare occasion you forget James' name while on the boat with him, he also goes by; King of the Bad Asses, Smeags, Jimmy Smeags, Full Jim, Top Jim, Jim Schmeagle, Jimmy James Dean Sausage King of Hells Canyon.